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Pageant Girl meets Charlotte Holmes, former Miss England 2012!

Many of our readers will recognise you from the 6thcycle of Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model where you came 4th place! How would you summarise your BINTM experience?

‘My time on top model feels like such a long time ago now, but it was a fantastic experience. I learnt some valuable lessons about myself and it gave me a chance to try aspects of modelling that i’d never done before.. And some that I’d never want to do again! The show gives you great exposure and an insight into the industry. The crew and production team also made my time there very memorable. I’d do it again tomorrow!’

You travelled to some very exotic locations to work with high profile brands! Which shoot did you enjoy the most?

‘As far as top model goes I’d say my favourite shoot was when we flew to Norway and shot on top of a glacier in the middle of a snowstorm wearing a dress made out of plastic bottles!! But in general I have been lucky to go to some fabulous locations to shoot such as Thailand, Mauritius and Dubai.’

You then went on to win the Miss England title in 2012! What a fantastic couple of years! What were your emotions when you were announced as the winner?

‘Winning Miss England for me was such a special thing. I was totally over the moon. Not only was the evening very emotional for me, but for my family also who had travelled the journey with me. I think I was more pleased seeing their faces than I was to win! I’d just come out of a difficult breakup from a long relationship and I was struggling, this gave me something to focus on and really was the icing on the cake to a fabulous four day final. It also marked the end of my Miss England journey as it was the last year I could compete as I was 24 and it was just the perfect way to end a four year journey with the organisation. There is nothing quite like having that crown placed on your head!’

You have met some amazing people during your BINTM and Miss England journey! Has there been anyone who has left you totally star-struck?

‘Funnily enough only once, when I met Sir Alex Ferguson. I’m a huge sport fan and he is such a legend. I have a massive amount of respect for him and how he conducted himself as a manager when he worked. I probably shouldn’t have started the conversation with -‘just so you know, I’m a Chelsea fan!!’- but he took it well!’

Tell us about the Miss World final! What is everything you imagined it would be?

‘.. And more!! Six weeks spent travelling around China and Mongolia with 115 new friends from around the world, representing a variety of charities and brands with a fantastic crew in the sunshine, rehearsing, dancing, prancing, strutting, visiting landmarks and tourist sights all whilst representing England… What’s not to love?!’

Besides the fantastic achievement of placing 8th in the competition, What was the highlight of the contest?

‘Placing that highly was such a shock- I never went there expecting anything so I was chuffed. I think winning the long jump and out jumping the 6’1″ legs of Miss Sweden with mine at only 5’10” was a pretty good feeling!! Also seeing my good friend Sophie Moulds place 2nd in the overall competition was fantastic. Ireland and I were crying our eyes out when they announced it! She did the UK proud!’

Is there anywhere you haven’t travelled where you are dying to visit?

‘I would love to go surfing in Hawaii.’

You have completed endless amounts of charity runs! Which was the toughest run you have completed?

‘To be honest none of them are easy!! And even after three, the marathons are definitely the toughest. I enjoy the races like Tough Mudder and Warrior Adrenaline Race, the running is broken up with military style obstacles and you get covered in mud!’

Is there a specific charity which is close to your heart?

‘The Genesis Research Trust; I’m an ambassador of this fantastic charity which is headed up by Lord Winston. It carries out invaluable research into various problems and diseases affecting women and babies both during and after pregnancy. My sister and I are both IVF babies and wouldn’t be here without the great work that Robert and his team do. I literally owe him everything.’

Our pageant girls would love your advice! What tips can you give them on being a successful pageant queen?

‘For me it’s never been about just competing in a pageant. Yes the dresses are glamorous and the stage show is fun, but there’s a lot more to it. Find something you’re passion about in your community, find a charity close to your heart or work toward campaigning for a local political movement and research it and really get behind it. Study hard at school and keep fit and active. Every single girl I met at the Miss World contest, had drive, determination, brains, a cause and depth of character far beyond what they were bringing to the Miss World stage. That’s what makes you successful in life and that’s what will make you stand out at the national competitions. Stay true to yourself, never give up and more important than anything; stay gracious, especially in defeat.’

Are you currently working on any new projects that you can tell us about?

‘I will be cycling around Tanzania in early November for the Genesis Research Trust so keep following my facebook page, ‘Charlotte Holmes’ and twitter/Instagram @misscharholmes. There you can follow my journey and donate toward this great cause. There are a few other projects in the pipeline… But none of which I can talk about at the moment unfortunately!’

Being a top model, you must always have to look fabulous! Are there any beauty essentials you carry with you in your hand bag?

‘Water. A hairbrush. And lipgloss!’

You have a very busy lifestyle! What do you do in your free time? Do you have any hobbies?

‘I make time for the gym at least three times a week which seems to take up most of my spare time but I also love hanging out with my family and heading home to Cornwall for a surf!’


Thanks Charlotte! We wish you the best of luck with your modelling career and we can’t wait to see what exciting new projects you’ll be working on in the future!!