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Official Interview with Rachael Tate, Miss Galaxy!!

The Pageant Girl team recently had a catch up with the newly crowned Miss Galaxy, Rachael Tate! Below is an interview which we had with Rachael who talks us through exactly how she felt winning her amazing title!


Hi Rachael, please tell us about yourself and how you got into doing pageants.

I am 24 years old and I am from Wales. I have a degree in Law, I work and also enjoy different out of work activities as part of my local community. I first started pageants when I was younger, I did one in Spain and it was a fun experience which stuck with me! I didn’t compete again properly until I was about 18 when I entered Miss Wales.

I persisted with competing as I enjoyed every aspect of the preparation and competing! My family have supported me and enjoy the competitions! I feel blessed and lucky to have such a supportive network of people around me who support me and have helped me, allowing me to be where I am today.


How did you feel when you won Miss Galaxy Wales?

I couldn’t believe that I had won such a prestigious title! I had been working towards this title for a few years after first competing in Miss Galaxy Wales in 2010/11. I was over the moon at winning Miss Galaxy Wales 2013 and was raring to go to the USA!


What is the best part of competing?

I really enjoy everything in the run up to the pageant! I love the anticipation, preparation and excitement! The countdown to the day you compete is an amazing feeling because when you get on the stage you know what you have put in and what got you to that point.

I enjoy choosing dresses (though I do find it a little stressful!). I like the appearances, working on my walk , practicing interview, and everything else that goes in with preparation!

When you get on the stage and take that first step down the catwalk it is exhilarating to think back on all that you have done. You can feel the fun, excitement and confidence coming through your posture and all that you have done to get so far. To see how far you have come is an achievement in itself.


How did you find competing in America – was it tough?

I think any competition is tough, because you are always competing against yourself, always trying to better yourself. Making improvements to yourself is always hard as you have to be honest, self critical and willing to take on the constructive criticism of others. America was a different playing field as you are competing with the best from each country. Any girl would be a deserving winner at this stage of competing – every girl has a degree and every girl does charity work but you have to think of why YOU are special. Setting yourself aside from the others is tough! This why it is vital to really come into your own and embrace everything Miss Galaxy has to offer.

I first entered Galaxy in 2010/11 - placed 5th and won EKA Top Model! But I was determined to come back and do it again! Galaxy is addictive! The Galaxy Organisation is like a big family! I have made some amazing friends through the Galaxy Pageant. I have been on holiday with the girls, had so many laughs, memories and experienced so many emotions. The girls that are part of Miss Galaxy are confident, special, unique, educated and lovely people. They are great to be around!

There is so much more to a pageant girl than what most people expect. Galaxy girls certainly prove this! They push the boundaries in everything they do. They are constantly striving to be better in every aspect of life which is what makes the Galaxy Pageants the one to enter! The support that Galaxy offers is like no other. The director is caring, honest and supportive in the run up to your contest! It is definitely a great system to compete in!


What are your plans for your year as Miss Galaxy?

Being Miss Galaxy 2013 is a privilege! I can honestly say that I have had an amazing year so far! I was lucky enough to travel to a photoshoot in Portugal with my Miss Galaxy UK girls and the Pageant Photographer Paul Carroll as well as taking part in a swimwear shoot for the swimwear line Sandstorm! Apart from this I have judged competitions, helped with charity events and lots of other special and blessed opportunities!

With my title I hope to embrace any opportunities I am given over my reign. By being an ambassador of the Miss Galaxy Pageant I will use my title to raise awareness of charitable causes travel and make new friendships!


What were your emotions when you heard your name being announced as the winner of Miss Galaxy?

This question makes me chuckle…I was overwhelmed! I think my Mum still talks about the ‘crying’ faces that I made when I had the crown placed on my head! I remember the main emotions were felt humbled, blessed and fulfilled in my pageant journey. The accumulation of emotions in getting so far was quite unexplainable!


Are there any charities that you are supporting? If so why?

I think it is extremely important to support charities with the title. I am a current trustee of a Food Bank of my home town. I helped set this up, raise donations and help manage the Food Bank as part of the Trustee committee. As well as this, I also support the Dean Puplett Appeal – a local boy with a rare form of childhood Cancer. I also feel strongly about the welfare of animals and have done events with North Clwyd Animal Rescue Centre.

In addition to the main charities I support I also like to do as many charity events as possible for those causes most in need.  I think that whatever title you hold you should use it to do good for others. I feel this ethic helped me in America – when I reached America I had done 64 appearances so I had lots to talk about at interview level!


Being Miss Galaxy must mean that you always have to look super fabulous, do you have any favourite shops? Where do you get your pageant dresses from?

I must admit that The Dress Studio in Culcheth, Warrington is a very reliable, fashionable, reputable store to buy dresses from! I bought  my dresses from this store when I competed in America! They have fabulous sales and lots of choice. The staff are friendly and always honest and on hand to help!


Thank you Rachael and good luck for your year as Miss Galaxy!

If you are interested in entering Miss Galaxy in the UK simply visit to enter!